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How to Protect Your Kids Online on Every Device in Your Home

Learn How to Activate Parental Controls

This Complete Parent Guide to help protect kids online can be implemented immediately without installing software.
We show you how to use built-in parental controls already available on browsers, apps and social media accounts.
  • How to set parental controls on iPhone | Android | Kindle Fire | Mac | Windows
  • How to monitor and control apps, games and manage screen time:  Google Play | Apple iOS Store | Microsoft Store | Kindle Fire
  • How to set parental controls on Instagram | Snapchat | Facebook | TikTok | Omegle
  • Set all internet browsers to their highest level of filtering:  Chrome | Safari | FireFox | Edge
  • How to activate parental controls for gaming. Instructions included for the most popular video game consoles your child or teen may be using.
  • Set up content restrictions for YouTube, plus learn about alternative videos websites just kids.
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Parental Control Downloads for:
- Windows (Desktops / Laptops)
- Max OS: (Macs / Laptops)
- Android (Mobile App)
- iOS (iPhone App)
- Kindle Fire
This 45 page PDF guide reveals steps to securing your child's devices and various online platforms access:  browsers, social media, online games and apps...



It's not possible to achieve 100% safety and security for your kids apart from downloading and installing parental control software on your desktops, or apps on mobile devices and tablets.

Still, there are steps you can taken to add greater filtering and restrictions using built-in parental controls through social media accounts and users profiles, such as on Microsoft Windows and Apple devices.  This is why we created our free parental controls free-parental-controls guide for parents.

The Three Main Reasons you may want to consider purchasing a Parental Control Software Application


1. Internet Filtering

All search roads lead to the internet. Enabling more strict filtering can help protect kids from harmful material.  But only software and apps can give parents total control.


2. App Monitoring

Our free resource guide will show you how to gain better control over the apps that are downloaded and installed. But only complete parental controls can fully protect.


3. Social Media Safety

There is a lot parents can do to ensure social media platforms are more safe. But only software and apps allow parents to see all your kids activity taking place online.

  • Plus, there is so much more control parents can have: Including geo tracking, alerts for suspicious texts or photos being sent or posted.
  • This is why our parental control resource guide includes additional tools for those who want to implement greater controls.
  • Our free parental control app guide Includes how to protect your child from online predators.

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In our world of rapidly changing technology and increased internet access, there's never been a better
time to learn about parental controls and apps that can help you protect your kids online..