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Detailed Instructions Will Show You The Steps to Free Controls:

  • Set the top filtering levels on all browsers.
  • Secure social media accounts like TikTok, Snapchat, Omegle, and Instagram.
  • Implement parental controls for any gaming console. (includes guides for each gaming system).
  • Ensure parental controls are activated for YouTube.
  • Monitor screen time and activity on computers, tablets, iPhones and  Androids using your Microsoft, Apple or Kindle Fire accounts.
Most browsers, social media sites, video gamed, websites like YouTube, and computer devices come with Built-In Parental Controls. These controls can be set up to make platforms more safe for kids.  While they can't replace full parental control solutions provided by software installation or app download, it's the least every parent should do to help protect their kids online.
While it's true a subscription based parental control app that handles everything for you to protect your kids on all devices. But for those not ready to install parental controls, there are steps you can take right now to implement free parental control on apps and all other devices.
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